I am a dreamer and a do’er

“I am a dreamer and a do’er”

A friend of mine got me this mug a couple of weeks ago. It’s my new favorite.

Just about two months ago I decided to take up this whole blogging life. I’ve learned a lot over these past two months.

I’ve made friends in the same season of life as me on the same blogging journey.

I’ve worried about what I post and who will like it. I’ve worried about not getting enough likes. I don’t what my “brand” is. I don’t know if I will offend someone. My heart races as soon as I push “publish”. But then a huge feeling of accomplishment comes over me!

I’ve had the opportunity to talk through some of my biggest struggles, traumas, and insecurities.

I’ve talked to Jesus a lot.

Nate came home from work telling me that one of his coworkers was a “fan” of mine and loved my blog.

I see the stats climbing daily.

New subscribers, consistently.

To say that I’ve seen lots of little blessings and encouragement throughout this journey, would be an understatement.

I don’t know where this journey will take me.

I don’t consider myself a “good” writer.

I consider myself a wife and mom, that just wants to share her story.

If anything, I’m doing this for me!

This little introvert has an outlet and a voice.

But honestly…

Thank you for walking alongside me.

Thank you for listening, and “liking” me.

Thank you for the tips, advice, encouragement, and love.

Thank you for being on the journey with me.

I look forward to seeing where we are two months from now.

I am a dreamer and a do’er!

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