Valentines Day Playdate!

A few weeks ago we were at Target looking at all the Valentine’s Day decorations, and Ellie was just so in love with everything! She looked at me and said ever so sweetly “I want to have a balentines party momma”.

I can not say no to that.

Does anyone else love a good excuse to throw a party, and buy everything in the dollar section at Target? Because I sure do.

She was so excited!

She so proudly picked out different things each time we went shopping, saying “this is for my party momma, my friends are going to like this, Is today my party mommy?”

We gathered up a few of Ellie and Beckett’s little friends for a fun Valentine’s Day themed playdate. We decked the house out with pink galore, the cutest banners, and decorations. Ellie helped me make muffins and pick out cards. I blew up a bunch of balloons to create a sea of balloons in our front room.

The kiddos enjoyed dancing, playing dress up, throwing balloons, making valentines, and reading Valentine’s Day books.

It was a little loud and a little crazy.

But so much fun!

Ellie has yet to stop talking about her party, and how much fun it was!

She just keeps saying…

“thank you mommy, I love balentines”

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