Bed Time with a Message (Easter Time)

My sweet Ellie truly loves to learn and read. Her enthusiasm is infectious. I wanted to share some of Ellie’s Easter favorites, these have all captured her three year old heart and attention. Everything focuses strongly on Jesus and the message of His resurrection!

Our routine starts at dinner time, we work through-> *The One Year Devotions for Preschoolers  <- we love this devotional because its short, sweet, scripture based, and it uses the same characters each day.

We then move to our ->Resurrection Eggs. <- Ellie picks out a few eggs and we work through each one together. They are plastic eggs filled with little trinkets, and each trinket symbolizes something specifically related to the resurrection story. These have absolutely captured Ellie’s attention. I highly recommend these if you have a toddler! Especially, if you are trying to explain Easter in a kinesthetic way, these are a must have!


Lastly, we read a few books snuggled up in her new big girl bed. Below I shared a few of our Easter favorites! These all capture her attention, have a strong message of what Jesus did for us, and why we celebrate Easter!

Our sweet little toddlers are such little sponges, they are constantly absorbing, and observing everything. I truly long for Ellie to absorb truth, and wisdom! Bedtime with a message is just one way we try and instill this in her.

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