The Monday Struggle.

Mornings can be a struggle, to say the very least.

Especially after hosting a major holiday.

We all need a vacation.

Everyone needs breakfast, mama needs coffee, we have somewhere to be, and everyone is moving like a snail.

This mama throws on her clothes.

Black Solid Cutout Strappy Front Shift Dress

Ball cap, sneakers, and the most comfortable tee-shirt dress EVER.

There’s something truly unique about a little black dress.

A girl can do anything with the perfect little black dress. Effortless, cute, and comfortable. (I’m convinced that every mama needs a closet full of Pink Blush, I’m addicted. Mom approved comfort, trendy, and affordable. WIN!)

It may seem small and simple but investing in my appearance each day truly helps me conquer the day.

“Dress for the day you want to have…

Smile, and remember you are a beautiful bad ass mommy…




hot mess mommy…

You are not going to win today.”

I tell myself.

This mama starts up the Keurig, and is slowly ready to conquer Monday.

Now it’s time to the feed the littles!

These protein packed breakfast bowls are our family’s all time favorite. (And of course, toddler and kid approved)

Ellie loves to help too! She loves pouring, picking, and mixing all the ingredients. (Both my littles eat these up, with no tantrums or bribery)

These breakfast bowls are delicious.

They may make the Monday morning struggle bus a little easier to ride.

img_6855Breakfast Bowls

•Yogurt of choice

•Granola/ chocolate chips/ coconut flakes

•Chia seeds/ flax seeds/ sunflower seeds

•Fruit/ fruits of choice

•Honey/ almond butter




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