“hey kids, lets have a party”

It’s a dreary Ohio morning,

Beckett was up off and on last night, working on his two year molars,

Ellie was up at six ready to party, asking for snacks, and a show.

And, I stayed up too late binge watching American Idol.

We are all a little exhausted.

Days like this are long.

They feel mundane…

I find myself counting down the minutes until daddy gets home from work.

We need something to distract us.

We need a momentary shift.

A new plan…

It’s time to get creative.

How about an impromptu party?




My kids live to party…

So I say… “hey kids, let’s have a party.”

Ellie immediately starts to fixate on what we need to do for our party.

“It has to be the best party ever” she says to me.

We go down to the basement to get our party box out.

Our big box full of random party decorations we’ve collected from parties over the years.

Ellie loves any excuse to create new decorations, play Kidz Bop loudly, dance around, play with balloons, and eat cake.

My impromptu party idea is working.

And luckily, we had some cake pops in our freezer!


We had some Daisy Cakes on hand! Daisy Cakes is a locally owned cake pop business. Amy the owner specializes in innovative cake pops, and unique recipes. Our family sampled the delicious chocolate, funfetti, and mocha recipes. Amy’s business grew out of her love of creating fun cake pops for her three kids.

These cake pops come beautifully packaged, individually wrapped, and ready to serve. Making them the perfect addition to our impromptu party.

This little party was just what we needed!

This little creative idea filled my home with so many smiles, and so much laughter.

Moments like this are the ones we will remember, that our kiddos will remember.

Make the mess.

Eat the cake.

Choose creativity.

And, Trust me…

start by saying “hey kids, let’s have a party!”

It works every time.



Pink Floral V-Neck Plus Maxi Dress

My beautiful dress is from Pink Blush.

It’s just so comfortable, and so chic!

Perfect for everyday mom life.


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