The Great Purge. (DBDesignsShoppe)

The everyday struggle…”I have nothing to wear” … as you stare into a packed closet, filled to the brim with clothes, shoes, and purses…

It makes me sick when I look at everything I have and still think.. “what will I wear!”

I don’t know about you, but I have a hard time passing up a sale.

I quickly snag whatever’s on sale, clothes, shoes, and accessories are my weakness! I buy items I don’t love, and don’t need, because I get “targeted” at target, as my husband calls it…

I’m really trying to break this habit!

Recently, I read an article on time capsule wardrobes, and thought… I need to do this!

Essentially a time capsule wardrobe is a wardrobe that consists of clothing, shoes, and accessories that you frequently wear. These items are high quality, and interchangeable. This wardrobe usually consists of twenty to thirty items. ( YES, total items!)

I was super intrigued.

We live in a society that is flooding with things, cheaply made, unethically made, items flood our stores and frankly our closets and homes. After reading and researching time capsule wardrobes, I was convicted, and ready to purge!

I started by simply cleaning my closet.

We have a large closet and I seem to hold on to everything… I have that one dress that barely fit me when I bought it, but it was twenty dollars, and I might wear it again… if I lose twenty pounds…and I’m at the beach. Or that special dress that I wore for my rehearsal dinner six years ago, that I won’t wear again but it holds a memory.

I have so many items like this in my home.

I’ve attached feelings, to things.

The process started to feel good, and my closet began to have space!

Then I looked at my shoes, and accessories.

Thinking basic, high quality, and versatile.

I continued my purge.

One piece I specifically knew I needed to keep was my Brandi necklace from DBDesignsShoppe.

I love this piece! I got this necklace in black and gold. It goes with everything! Becky, the owner, makes high quality, versatile pieces. She’s also a fellow local mom!  SHOP NOW to see all of her handmade beauties for yourself! Becky’s shop is full of perfect neutral, and timeless items. (Use my code LOVELYMOM15 to save!!!)

Brandi Necklace

I’m nowhere near done… but I can honestly say “I’ve started.”

I started by simply cleaning my closet.

And, I mean really cleaning it…

Taking everything out and going through it piece by piece.

It may feel overwhelming but once you start working through your piles, you’ll gain momentum…

You’ll begin to go closet to closet throughout your home.

Follow your urge to purge my friends!

I encourage you, do it!

You’ll be so glad you did.

Colorblock Tee


Another item I can’t live without is this colorblock tee! It goes with everything! It is my go to tee. Perfect length to wear with leggings, or simply cute fringed jeans! Pink Blush is simply the best when it comes to momma attire…cute, quality, and comfort.

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