Six Years on the 26th.

Caution. Mushy love post ahead.

My forever love,

You work so hard for our family, and go above, and beyond.

I’m so thankful for the life we have together.

Thank you for selflessly serving us everyday.

For being such an amazing leader.

You truly don’t know how many people look up to you.

I love your heart.

And, I am so proud to be your wife.

Where has the time gone?

When I first saw you we were serving together at First Glance. You were on stage, covered in shaving cream, with the biggest grin on your face, being a complete goofball,(per usual!)

I knew.

Something about you drew me in.

When I saw your face as you watched me walk down the aisle.

I knew.

When we switched jobs, moved, and found our true passions together.

I knew.

When I saw your tears flow, and heart grow as you met our daughter.

I knew.

When you held me, as we cried out to Jesus to breathe life into our baby boys lungs.

In ever moment…

I always knew…

Oh, I know more today, than I ever did.

I know you Nathan, are mine forever.

I know the Lord made us, for each other.

We have become more like Him because we are together.

Thank you Jesus, for the man of God that I married.

The husband and father that he is.

I can’t wait to see Beckett become a man like you.

A compassionate, leader, selfless, and strong.

I’m so thankful for you.

Dating is easy.

Marriage is hard.

Parenting is hard.

But boy, is it worth it.

I choose you.


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Everyday, I choose you.

Six years ago today, I chose you.

Here’s to sixty more, my love.

Love, Ari

Cross The World With Me. (Our Song)    


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