Stories You can Wear //Thread Tank

I had the pleasure of stumbling across Thread Tank while swiping through Instagram a few weeks ago. I saw one of my sweet blogger friends rocking an adorable tee that said Mom Life is the Best Life, it was a light blush color, a classic effortless comfy tee. I thought, I need that! I began to peruse the Thread Tank Instagram page and was immediately drawn in.

I saw all these shirts with the best sangs on them, adorable, and countless soft knit apparel. I love the philosophy that every tee we wear has a story! I was just swiping away. I want them all…

But my favorite was a new release “Alexa feed my Tiny Humans”  The tag line immediately drew me in.

“If Alexa can turn on the lights and play some funky music, surely she can figure out how to feed the kids, right? Alexa, make sure that meal is organic and healthy! You’ll just chill here in your comfy t-shirt.”

This shirt was a necessity, hands down. I talk to Alexa all day. It’s so relatable to my life, and makes everyone smile when they read it. I throw it on with leggings and I’m good to go.

Another one of my instant favorites were “Not All Who Wander Are Lost”

This tag line was also TOO REAL…

“Wanderlust comes in many forms. Some people travel around the world, and others just head to Target to see what’s new. Before you head out, put on this clever tee and prepare to pick up a dozen things that aren’t on your list.”

…I had an immediate flashback of me smiling, zombie eyes, frolicking around Target, one kid crying, one kid climbing on the displays, Starbucks in my hand, perusing the end racks and clearance finds… looking for that one sale item, that I didn’t need, but that I could’t live without.

Oh the sweet sweet Moms of Target, solidarity friends.

Needless to say, Thread Tank is full of the best witty tees, that are premium quality, that will truly bring a smile to all.

I plan on purchasing a few of these for Christmas gifts…because Black Friday and Christmas shopping will be here, before we know it!

Shop Thread Tank.

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