Bedroom Transformation// Lorena Canals

I came across Lorena Canals rugs online, and I was super intrigued by these washable rugs!

Yes mamas, washable!

Lorena Canals was established in 1990 by a mother who thought…

“why can’t I wash my two year olds rug at home?”

She set out to make this happen.

This idea is the foundation of what is now a huge company, selling washable home goods in multiple countries all around the world!

This mother started a company from her living room. I love stories like this.

When I came across Lorena Canals, I was in the market for a perfect rug for my two year olds room. I saw these rugs and thought this could be perfect for Beck! This is exactly what I need… and washable? Count me in!

Lorena Canals prides themselves on quality. They have countless designs of modern and trendy meets functional and traditional. These rugs are handmade, each one is slightly different and unique. Lorena Canals are also eco-friendly made me with only natural cotton and non-toxic dyes. All products are extremely soft and cozy. Plus they can also be washed right in your home…in your washing machine!

There were so many beautiful designs but I decided on the new washable rug air Alaska blue large 

To say that it is stunning, would be an understatement!

It is truly amazing what this small pop of color, and texture did to Becks room.

Talk about pure transformation!

This rug has brought much needed life to my sweet boys room.

Truly a perfect addition for this very practical space.

I highly recommend checking out Lorena Canals for your next rug need.

Durable, trendy, and washable area rugs.

Shop Lorena Canals

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