Give the gift of Parasol

Give the gift of Parasol this Christmas…

Ever since Beck was little we have always struggled with his sensitive skin. Lots of diapers that we tried made him break out and would cause huge rashes all over his body. As he got older we struggled even more because he was on the move so much. We tried several of the name brand diapers but had issues with all of them.

I came across Parasol on my favorite bloggers Instagram feed. I did a little research into the company and was blown away by their mission!

I knew we needed to try them for Beck.

“Irritation-free, and excellent skin compatibility.

Free of heavy metals.

Free of harmful materials and ensures workplace safety.

Healthy and environmental safety standards.

World class standard for quality management system.

Chemical free.

Sourced from responsibly manage forests.

Reducing environmental impact and promoting environmental awareness.”

Just to name a few!

Personally, after trying them with Beck, I am a firm believer in this brand. I love how soft they are, they stay dry and are super absorbent. Best of all, they don’t irritate my little guy’s sensitive skin. They are really pretty little diapers too! Each one has beautiful artwork on it and they switch up the art work every few months.

I love that you can give Parasol as a gift too! This would be a perfect gift for any mom in your life! This would be a huge blessing to receive.

Parasol also offers a custom monthly subscription. Sign up and you get the power to pick the frequency of how often you want them delivered, the ability to skip a month as needed, or to cancel at any time. As soon as you sign up your first box is immediately on its way!

Parasol stands by their products, and I promise you won’t want to cancel. But you have the control, to pick and choose. It’s not like other diaper subscriptions out there, where they lock you in for six months or a year, with Parasol you’ll never be locked in, or penalized for canceling.

We use the premium baby wipes, classic diaper pants, and diapers at night. I love how they are eco friendly, safe, and convenient they are. I’m super impressed with Parasol impressed and I know you will be too!

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