Tuba Christmas: Staying warm in Kamik

One of our favorite Christmas traditions is Tuba Christmas…

If you haven’t heard of Tuba Christmas it’s an amazing national event where tuba players of all ages and all levels, gather together on stage to play Christmas carols. There are over four hundred players gathered on stage, they decorate their instruments and play together! They play through the song once instrumentally, and then a second time so the whole hall can carol together!

There are typically two showings and it’s usually the second weekend in December. Our local college has been holding this event for the past 39 years. For the past seven years we’ve faithfully attended! We always attend the early showing and afterward we share a meal together. My parents and my in-laws all join us. The kids have so much fun running from grandparent to grandparent, shaking their jingle bells, clapping, and trying to sing along! We wear flashing Christmas light necklaces, fun Christmas hats, and smiles. This truly puts our hearts in the holiday spirit. Tuba Christmas is a free community event, we have to arrive early, and stand outside the concert hall to get in because it fills up so quickly!

We love our tradition, and so does our community, which makes it hard to find a close parking spot. This year it was particularly cold and we had a long walk from the car and a bit of a wait to get in, but we were nice and warm in our Kamik boots. Beck was rocking his toddler PEP snow boots, Elle in her POWDERY2 snow boots, and I was wearing my SNOVALLEY2 snow boots. Our feet were extremely warm, and dry!

If you haven’t heart of Kamik they are a wonderful family owned Canadian company specializing in footwear for all outdoor terrains, They have dedicated their products to families. They want the whole family to feel good about being outside, comfortable, and ready for all kinds of outdoor adventures. Our snow boots are waterproof, they have Kamik’s DriDefense waterproof membranes, and are extremely comfortable! Kamik boots are perfect for everyday use for our brisk Ohio winters. My kids can easily walk in them, because they are so lightweight and comfortable. Our family has been so impressed by Kamik. If you or your little ones are in need for snow boots, shop Kamik. You will be so glad you made the investment in their products. They were perfect for today’s event!

Today was a perfect day filled with family, and lots of fun! I encourage you to search for a Tuba Christmas near you. Your family will fall in love with this holiday tradition, just like ours. I promise!

Pictured: Kamik PEP. & Kamik SNOVALLEY2.

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