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Elle’s journey to getting glasses..two years ago we started noticing that Elle was not seeing with both of her eyes. One of her eyes would not focus, and it would turn inward. Within just a few weeks it had progressively gotten worse. We started to get very concerned. We ended up scheduling an appointment at the eye doctor, just precautionary. I didn’t think much of it, but I knew I wanted to ask a doctor about it.

When we got to the eye doctor Elle did a phenomenal job with her exam! After multiple tests she was diagnosed with extremly low vision in both eyes, and amblyopia in one. Trust your heart parents, if something about your child doesn’t seem right, and you can’t necessarily pin point it, take them in right away to get checked out. It can only help and give you peace. The value of early intervention is huge! Trust your gut! Elle quickly began patch therapy. Elle would wear an eye-patch for four hours everyday. She would wear a patch over her better eye, to make her other eye work harder. Patch therapy worked very well for us, and within six months she no longer needed to wear her patch.

We still had a struggle to find good quality children glasses, extremely durable, and fashionable! We had a great pair from her eye doctor, and boy were they troopers. But I was on the hunt to find “Elle” glasses, glasses with her spunk, sass, and personality!

We were on the search for quality and quirky frames. Through my searches, I came across Jonas Paul on Instagram. I started scrolling, checking out all of the cool trendy frames, checking out their warranty, reading about their mission, and studying about the quality of their products. We needed something tough enough to endure our free spirited girl!

I quickly fell in love with every aspect of Jonas Paul Eyewear.

This company was founded by two parents and their mission to help their son see. Their son Jonas Paul was born nearly blind, and after many surgeries, and glasses he has some sight! They decided to quit their jobs and dedicate their lives to creating and starting “Jonas Paul Eyewear“.

They were on a mission to help children, like their son Jonas, have the ability to see! Jonas Paul does this with their #BuySightGiveSight movement. They donate to CBM international and for every pair of frames you purchase from Jonas Paul, they make a donation to CBM international. Christian blind mission is a Christian organization that is dedicated to helping improve the quality of life of children in the developing world. Jonas Paul believes that when we buy sight for our children, we can help give sight to another child! Buy Sight, Give Sight. What an amazing mission to support!

Jonas Paul has so many beautiful choices, colors, and styles of glasses. Since we were new to the brand, we decided to try an at Home Try-On Kit first! A few days later the kit arrived at our home. We were able to try on all of the different types of frames, and truly could get a feel for each one. I highly recommend doing the at Home Try-On-Kit because you get a feel for the quality of the frames, as well as a clearer picture of each style on your child’s face. There’s truly so much personality in each pair, and with each kit you are given a few days to figure out which ones your child loves! Once you have decided on a pair or two, send back the whole kit easily with the return label provided. Just pop it right back in the mail!

After carefully debating with the glasses in our kit for a few days. These were Elle’s favorite. We confidently decided on a pair of frames! We picked The Elsie Lilac Stripe, and sent out our prescription! I was extremely impressed with the stellar individual care given to each order, and the orientate attention they give each customer. Any questions or concerns I had were answered quickly, and with intricate care.

Elle’s glasses arrived a week later! Even with the holidays right around the corner, there were no delays!

Let me tell you, we are in love!

Personally, I’m so impressed with the lenses, especially with Elle’s high prescription, they are so thin, and lightweight! I’m extremely impressed with the quality and durability of the frames!  I also love the unique light purple color. And… most importantly Elle LOVES them!!!

If you are looking for high quality children’s glasses, that are durable and stylish, and a huge heart and mission to help children see. This is the company for you! I can not rave about them enough.

Thank you Jonas Paul, you have made this stressful process, much easier for parents around the wold.

Parents like me, thank you.

Shop: Jonas Paul

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