Snow day cozy with Lorena Canals

There is something truly beautiful about snow days…

It forces my mom brain to push aside the “to do” lists, cancel the check ups, trips to the store, and be completely present with my children.

We always kick-off the day with cuddling on the couch, watching the snowfall outside our big bay window, leaving our Christmas pajamas on, and blasting Mary Poppins Returns throughout the house.

Then it begins…

Mommy can we go outside, mommy can we paint, mommy can we play games… here we go. Buckle up for the long day ahead.

In a strange way days like this I feel more present in my home, and less like an employee going to work. I don’t know about you, but motherhood can be a mundane cycle of routine.

Sometimes you have to choose to break the routine.

I never regret when I do.

I love schedules, routines, and structure. “To do” lists make me happy, doing a load of laundry so I’m not drowning by the end the week, loading the dishwasher, having the kids stay on a schedule etc. these are things that make me happy and are healthy for our home. No doubt.

But, there is a different sense of joy amidst the chaos, a different sense of present on these days…

Today I watched Ellie jump with joy through the snow, win as we played games, I watched Beckett dance around the living room, moments of pure happiness, and joy… that I don’t see on a daily basis, I’m sure they happen. But the busyness of life gets in the way.

I cherish snow days because it forces us to slow down and enjoy the little things. Don’t let the everyday mundane get in the way of the pure joy right in front of your face.

Like the simplicity of two siblings cuddling up for some reading.

Lorena Canals cozy home decor helps make our living room so cozy.

Perfect for cuddling up on our snowy day.

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