Cozy Slumber : Dock A Tot Review :

Peaceful sleep with DockATot! Autumn James loves her DockATot deluxe so much! The DockATot Deluxe has been a lifesaver for her nightly routine. She feels safe and secure. She is cozy and comfortable. She sleeps so well in it, plus the quality is impeccable. We chose the beautiful new marble print! It’s so good looking and easy to keep clean! It was a tough choice because I love all the prints that DockATot has to offer.

We used a DockATot Grand with our son and he loved it so much! It’s such a great functional baby item and is really a must have for all moms. For our son, the Grand was a perfect way to transition from the crib to his big boy bed. It created a safe barrier for him to stay safely in his bed. My kids seem to be calmer and more secure when they are cradled in a DockATot lounger.

There truly is a DockATot for every baby and every toddlers specific needs.

If you are not familiar with DockATot, DockATot is a multi-functional infant lounger. The Deluxe is specifically designed for babies eight months or younger. It creates a safe and secure place for babies to rest. It is plush and cozy and works like a charm in our crib and on the ground.

Sleep is a precious commodity in this house and we will do anything we can to help our girl get more of it. Not only does she look absolutely adorable and cozy in her DockATot (see above) but she falls asleep much quicker when we use it and place her in it. She is a very picky sleeper and wants to be in our arms almost all of the time. With the DockATot I know that she is being cradled safely on her back.

So many people struggle to find the best sleep options for their children. I know there is not a perfect universal combination of items but the DockATot is a sleep staple in our home. Can they make one that keeps my husband on his half of the bed?!?

The DockATot would make a perfect shower gift! This is a must have for any expecting mother and all new babies. It truly is worth the investment. You will be so glad that you did!

Use the discount code below at DockATot to get $10 off all Docks!

I received this product compliments of DockATot.

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