My Five Breastfeeding Essentials.

I can’t believe my sweet babe is already six weeks old! It’s truly amazing how fast the newborn days fly by. In the day-to-day moments they seem endless, but in reality it goes by way too fast! I am trying to soak them up, I truly know I will miss these days.

Our days are spent mostly breastfeeding for hours on end, our sweet girl wants to nurse every two hours on the dot. Thankfully this babe successfully latched on right away, and we had an early intervention to correct her tongue tie. She has consistently gained weight, and loves to eat.

In my past breastfeeding experiences I struggled with getting a good latch, tongue tied babes, decreased supply, and my milk taking several days to come in. I have overcome these issues with my third child and want to share what has helped me exclusively and successfully breastfeed. My hopes are that by sharing my experiences with these products, it may help just one mom feel more confident breastfeeding.

Before giving up when things get hard, give one of these aids a try. All of these amazing items can be found on amazon, and you can easily shop each product by clicking on the product link.

I truly believe in these products. I use them everyday, and recommend them to every mama.


1. My Brest Friend

I have used a My Brest Friend Nursing Pillow with all three of my babies. I swear by it, it’s definitely a must have if you have large breasts, or if you have trouble keeping your baby latched to your breasts. This pillow helps me keep my baby latched properly. It sits on my body comfortably and baby lays comfortably as well. I actually have two of these, I keep one in my car! This pillow makes nursing sessions in my car such a breeze. I use this pillow every time I nurse!

2. Nursing Tank

The tanks I linked are my go to tanks! I wear them everyday. I own seven and truly live in them. They’re cute, comfy, supportive, and so practical. I’m so impressed with the quality too, they’ve held up really well! And they are less than seven dollars! Yes, seven bucks, and amazon prime!!

3. Haakaa

The Haakaa is a lifesaver for easily creating a stock pile of milk! You attach the Haakaa to the side you are not nursing your baby on and it collects the let down on that side. Each time you nurse you can effortlessly collect ounces to save for later. Pumping has never been more easy. I have over 200 ounces in my freezer right now from this little device. Forget the cords and the noise…this is the way to pump!

4. Baby Scale

“How much is she getting?” I asked myself a million times a day as a new mama, struggling with my supply.  Purchasing a baby scale was the answer to this question for me. Feed and weighs gave me so much peace of mind! I still pull out my scale every few days to see how my baby is gaining weight. I enjoy tracking how much she consumes during each feed. This specific scale is so lightweight and easy to use!

5. Lactation Aids

Find the right lactation aid for you!

There are so many different lactation treats and supplements on the market, try lots, and find what works for you! Keeping your milk supply up can be difficult but it’s so important, especially in the early days of breastfeeding when you are just establishing and regulating your milk supply.

I have found that one or two of Mrs.Patel’s treats have helped me keep my supply regulated. I have personally noticed an increase in my milk supply since incorporating these products into my daily life.

I’ve experienced great success with Mrs.Patel’s. I’ve tried the Lactation Treats, Chai Spice Milk Water Tea, Chocolate Chai Lactation Cookies, and the White Chocolate and Cranberries Superbar.

Mrs. Patel’s uses fresh ingredients, no chemicals, or artificial preservatives. I’ve had great success using Mrs.Patel’s. I believe in her products and I love their mission.

Mrs.Patel’s Mission: “Our goal is to support women. We believe food is medicine. We strive to heal and nourish with our natural products. We want to help you feed your child, we want your body to feel better and we want you to know that you are supported every step of the way. We’re not just a business, we’re a community.”

If you are struggling to keep your supply up, or simply want an increase in your milk supply, I recommend searching for the perfect Mrs.Patel’s lactation treat. There’s truly a tasty treat for every mama to enjoy.


Let’s face it…breastfeeding can be very hard in the early days, but remember that it is such an important job. You can do it! Reach out for help, communicate with your partner, and share your concerns with your healthcare provider if you are struggling.

Remember to trust your mom gut… with my first born I felt like she wasn’t getting enough milk, and she wasn’t.

Trust your mom instincts. You truly know what your baby needs.

When you have a hard day, and you want to quit breastfeeding… keep going.

Remember that you are learning everyday, and your baby is learning too.

Most importantly..

You’ve got this Mama!

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