My Five Breastfeeding Essentials.

I can't believe my sweet babe is already six weeks old! It's truly amazing how fast the newborn days fly by. In the day-to-day moments they seem endless, but in reality it goes by way too fast! I am trying to soak them up, I truly know I will miss these days. Our days are … Continue reading My Five Breastfeeding Essentials.

Cozy Slumber : Dock A Tot Review :

Peaceful sleep with DockATot! Autumn James loves her DockATot deluxe so much! The DockATot Deluxe has been a lifesaver for her nightly routine. She feels safe and secure. She is cozy and comfortable. She sleeps so well in it, plus the quality is impeccable. We chose the beautiful new marble print! It's so good looking … Continue reading Cozy Slumber : Dock A Tot Review :