the unexpected birth plan.

*BEFORE YOU READ THIS. THIS POST CONTAINS IMAGES OF A CHILD IN DISTRESS. THAT MAY BE HARD FOR SOME TO LOOK AT.* August 9th, 10pm. We are heading in for my induction. Nervous. Excited. Ready. I'm 39 weeks. (My doctor let me choose to be induced to due to my previous birth experience. We had … Continue reading the unexpected birth plan.

Contagiously Calm.

The Dictionary defines calm as... a person, action, or manner not showing or feeling nervousness, anger, or other emotions. Freedom from motion or disturbance; stillness. peaceful quiet or relaxed. Without hurried movement, anxiety, or noise. The first time I read the definition I laughed. Motherhood is the exact opposite of calm, I thought to myself. … Continue reading Contagiously Calm.

Me time.

Why is it so hard for us moms to take time for ourselves? What is "me time" you may be thinking? Lately, I've been trying to practice "me time" more. For me, this looks like waking up before my kids. Enjoying the quite. Planning out my day. Intentionally laying out our day for success. Spending … Continue reading Me time.