LuLaRoe for the Family.

LuLaRoe for the Family. Last month I was given the opportunity to collaborate with LuLaRoe! If you haven't heard of LuLaRoe, it's a beautiful clothing brand specializing in clothing with unique personality, that everyone can feel confident wearing! Beautiful, women, men, and children's clothing. They have such beautiful, and extremely soft materials and pieces. Each … Continue reading LuLaRoe for the Family.

Jonas Paul Eyewear

Elle's journey to getting glasses..two years ago we started noticing that Elle was not seeing with both of her eyes. One of her eyes would not focus, and it would turn inward. Within just a few weeks it had progressively gotten worse. We started to get very concerned. We ended up scheduling an appointment at … Continue reading Jonas Paul Eyewear

Tuba Christmas: Staying warm in Kamik

One of our favorite Christmas traditions is Tuba Christmas... If you haven’t heard of Tuba Christmas it’s an amazing national event where tuba players of all ages and all levels, gather together on stage to play Christmas carols. There are over four hundred players gathered on stage, they decorate their instruments and play together! They … Continue reading Tuba Christmas: Staying warm in Kamik