No Small Loss.

October 15th is a hard day for a lot of people. A day of loss, and grief. I don’t have the words but want you to know you are loved, and you are not alone. I grieve with you. One day, your pain will be gone. One day, you will enjoy every moment you have … Continue reading No Small Loss.

You’re a good mom.

Goodness, today was one of those days. We had our life together this morning but by noon we were falling apart. There was a lot of yelling, disciplining, and disobeying. Nobody tells you when you sign up for this motherhood gig what it really entails. Our hormones and emotions are forever out of control. We … Continue reading You’re a good mom.

Me time.

Why is it so hard for us moms to take time for ourselves? What is "me time" you may be thinking? Lately, I've been trying to practice "me time" more. For me, this looks like waking up before my kids. Enjoying the quite. Planning out my day. Intentionally laying out our day for success. Spending … Continue reading Me time.